Pieta Before and After


Plaster, gypsum and acrylic paint.

In 2009, I found this very badly damaged statue on the roof of a rectory during a visit to New Orleans. (Our Lady of Guadalupe, International Shrine of St. Jude) I am not sure how many hours of work I periodically put into it, but I finished it in 2015.


Prayer of the Nativity

Prayer of the Nativity

Wood Burning, 2011

This work was created during prayer. Much like the way an Icon is “written”. The images and design just came to me, as I went along.

Saint Francis 8X10

Saint Francis of Assisi

Wood, Gesso(made using the traditional method), Ground pigment and egg tempera, gold leaf.

I created this icon of St.Francis of Assisi at an Iconography Retreat in 2011. It was made using the traditional Byzantine method.

Christ of the Abyss

Christ of the Abyss

1997.  21″ X 30″  Watercolor, oil pastel

This was the very first religious art work that I have created. I made it for my husband, John for his birthday. I used an actual photograph of an underwater statue of the resurrected Jesus that he took during one of his scuba diving trips in Key Largo, FL.